The God of Protection from Misfortune-Yakujinmyoō (厄神明王) is widely recognized for its effectiveness for warding off evil and protecting devotees from misfortune is enshrined in Mondoyakujin. The Noble Dragon deity of the Yukujinmyoō family emanates a sacred light of from its divine realm for the guidance and protection of mortals from evil and misfortune. In the mysterious Dragon Forest deep in the universe, a dragon is said to have slept for eternity.
Over time he manifests into a Sacred Dragon Tree whose duty is to protect all the sacred beasts that dwell in the forest. When his purpose has been served, he is once again fulfilled with the soul of the powerful God, who breathes new life into him and he soars high into the heavens. His tempestuous stare eradicating misfortune, and his sharp fangs and claws annihilating evil. The dragon soaring through the heavens with his Wish Fulfilling Jewel-Nyoihōju (如意宝珠) that has received the wishes of all mankind, is known to worshippers as Yakujinryuoō-The Dragon God of Fortune (厄神龍王).


When construction of the retaining wall at the temple entrance began, it struck me as being nothing more than just a giant white concrete wall.
Now when people approach the temple main gate they will also pass the dragon.
The mural is actually a representation of the path to success. Entering through the main entrance acts as a ceremonial cleansing of evil and entices better fortune. Reflecting on the dragon deity as one enters the temple will further enhance this ritual. For this reason we decided to request Uchiō San to create an image that depicts the cleansing of evil spirits and that evokes good fortune to those who pass it.
I truly believe that the Dragon will become a recognizable symbol of Mondoyakujin.
We’ve captured an image of eternal immortality on the ceramic panels. I believe this guardian deity will protect and look over us for a very long time.
I believe not only children but people of all ages will be able to recognize the magnificence and splendour of this piece at first glance.
I suppose everyone will perceive it in their own personal way. Some may see it as kind of scary, while others may feel they receive power from it to boost their confidence. I’d like people to envision themselves as soaring upward toward good fortune. Similar to the dragon in the mural. Cleansing themselves of evil influences and opening a path toward fortuity.
Giving them a sense of hope.

Mondo Yakujin Shotaizan Toukouji
Vice priest Matsuda Zenkou


Kazumasa Uchio

Born in 1959 in Okayama prefecture, Kazumasa Uchio studied illustration at Osaka Design Institute. He graduated in 1979 and became a freelance illustrator. In 1992 he began producing computer graphic illustrations on Macintosh programs and moved his studio to Okayama in 1993.
In 1992 he received an award from the Kirin Contemporary Award for design. Since then he has received several prestigious awards including the Evolution Design Contest and the Grand Prize in the Skip Creative Human contest Focusing his attention on his design skills, from 1999~2001 Uchio produced murals and conceptual art for the visual effects of the Final Fantasy movie. His creativity and meticulous eye for detail in expression was shortly after showcased in an animated Toshiba television commercial. He has also produced game characters and conceptual artworks for fantasy games.
In 2003 he began work on his original prints. Starting with a solo exhibition in Belgium, Uchio actively holds exhibitions of his works both internationally and domestically.


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